Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rain, Rain go away...

Well, April is certainly living up to its reputation around here, we've had showers everyday for weeks. I've been making the most of it, teaching the kids lots of songs about rain (hence the title), and they have been dying to get out in the garden, so yesterday we put on our wellies and went for a splash in the biggest puddle we could find.

 jj was a bit reluctant at first, after asking all week to splash in puddles he changed his mind the second his trousers got a little bit wet, but after matching him up and down a few times he soon remembered how much fun puddles can be. Little lady got stuck straight in, one of life's natural adventurers. We all had a lovely time, just wish I'd taken my camera (captured these with my phone on its last bar of battery, lol).

In other more crafty news, I've been developing my Heirloom Bouquet (probably about 30 brooches short of being finished). Mr S has just requested 20 more evening invites so I'm patiently making those.
I'm also slowly working my way down a list of about 20 friends and family birthdays that fall between now and the wedding and making handmade cards for them in advance - which is no small job I can tell you, lol.
Also in the pipeline, a  couple of special handmade Birthday present for my little girl, and a few gifts for other children's Birthdays ... not to mention Minnie Mouse Party planning and general wedding organisation :D Busy busy busy!

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