Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Teacher Gifts and cards 2014

It's that time of year again, another school year coming to an end, and you think everything should be calming down and wrapped up for the summer. But no, your 5 year old needs a costume for their party, not to mention Thank You cards for Teachers, TA's, parent helpers.... Oh and a thoughtful teachers gift! Thank goodness for pinterest!

Firstly my Teacher gifts: I had seen this idea and free printable from Lisa Storms a while ago but not seen any of the tumblers in the UK. Found these apple green ones in The Range and got to work. I printed the free download onto kraft card for the straw, shredded brown and ivory paper to fill the cup with faux "iced latte"

Probably more of an expense than planned but I ended up buying starbucks coffee vouchers for each of the 3 teachers and asked if I could have a cup-holder with each. The cup-holders didn't quite fit, but that gave me the opportunity to fill the void with a die-cut apple printed with the teacher's name and thank you message.

Next, an orginal idea I had (but so simple I'm sure it will have been done somewhere before. I got Little Lady to make her own cards this year:

I printed the teachers name on the front, and a little quote she has said about each teacher. We then cut out triangles from my scraps of scrapbook papers, and then I gave her the felt tips and told her the triangles were dresses, could she draw the head/arms/legs and write her own name inside. I am so pleased with the result they look great, didn't take long and every card is unique :)