Thursday, 16 May 2013

MLP Party: How to enlarge an image by hand for a Party 'Pin the Tail on the ...'

Planning a party? Really want a 'pin-the-tail' game and can't find the right one to fit your theme? No problem, just scale up an image and you can make your own! In fact this technique has a number of applications and will help you to copy or enlarge any image by hand. Great for cards to send into kids TV channels, posters, face-in-hole photo boards and even full scale wall murals :D

What you'll need:
- An image to copy
- A large sheet of paper (eg-A2)
- A pencil
- A good eraser
- A ruler
- Pencils/Paint/Felt tips

Firstly you need to find a good colour image of the character you want to use. Consider which item or part of them you want your guests to pin to the background image; for example; for a pony it might be the tail, for a clown a nose, etc etc. Make sure the position of this is prominent in the photo - we are not going to draw it but it helps if you can clearly see the object should be.