Friday, 13 April 2012

A place of everything and everything in its place.

Today I thought I'd share a little obsession with you - although, I'm not always the tidiest person, I am a complete sucker for organisation and compartmentalisation. I'm the kind of person who would have a drawer for spoons, one for knifes, another for forks and one just for egg timers ... not to mentioning my childhood compulsion for putting my coloured pencils in rainbow order, lol.

The kids arts'n'crafts cupboard was a mess so recently it got a make-over, albeit just with cheap tupperware pots and printed out labels. Not only do these keep everything neat, but the kids know where to find everything - although the finger paint might need keeping under lock and key ;)
And for balance here is a selection of my crafting boxes including ribbon cut offs, loose buttons, A4 papers, scrapbook papers, and my glue guns. I love these clear boxes, as they are so neat and they fit perfectly into my drawers.

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