Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Easter Tree Decorations made from Cookie Cutters

I braved the evil step ladders to venture into the loft and retrieve the Easter decorations today. I rediscovered these Easter Tree decorations I made several years ago from cookie cutters I found in a cook shop and lengths of gingham ribbon and as its such a simple idea I thought I'd share.
 In these times of recession it seems rather a pity to waste such good quality cutters, but you can pick up simple stainless steel cutters from discount shops at this time of year and either spray paint them in beautiful pastel colours or keep them simple and slightly most 'rustic' by leaving them silver and maybe using string or raffia bows.
 I reclaimed the powder sprayed cutters today (as I'm having a cutter clear out and slowly replacing plain steel with colour for quick access) and swapped them for stainless steel recyling the gingham ribbon from the original set.

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