Thursday, 22 March 2012

Today's the day, the Teddy Bears have their ... cake-pops

While making my Mr Potato Head cake-pops, I decided to experiment with the left over  coating (melted Silver spoon orange flavoured buttons) and came up with this cute and incredibly simple Cake-Pop, prefect for any cake-pop novices out there (like me). Basically made with two milk chocolate buttons as 'ears', brown smarties on for the 'nose' and chocolate sprinkles for 'eyes'.

The only disaster was leaving them out to dry over night and the coating came up a bit splotchy, I'm hoping this isn't an issue with proper candy melts, but will be making sure I they go in an air tight container as soon as they set next time. This is exactly why I like test runs on all experimental baking projects, lol.

The kids' friends are coming over today, and despite the mottling effect I don't think they'll last long :)

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