Monday, 12 March 2012

Brooch: A Tinkerbell in Paris

Like most people, I spent the lead up to a few days in Eurodisney with the kids sewing this Tinkerbell brooch for my daughter (ok, ok so it was me who ended up wearing it as a bag charm, but the thought was there). I have to admit its far from perfect, I didn't have the right skin or dress colour in felt to match the proper Tinkerbell. But for something basically whipped it up in a few hours the day before and finished on the way to the ferry, its not too terrible. 

I took the above photo to prove she travelled all the way to disneyland with us (although it was impossible to get the castle and the fairy in focus in the same shot on my little compact, lol). Not bad for a first attempt, but hopefully some lessons learned and a nice momento of the visit.

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