Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mr Potato Head Goes POP ... [cake]

I've been busy exploring theme ideas for my daughters Birthday and my Son pipes up telling me he wants a 'Buzz n Duddy Party'. OK, his Birthday isn't till November and by then he'll most probably be into something totally different but it got me researching Toy Story related crafts and I came across Bakerella's Mr Potato Head Cake Pop Tutorial and I just had to try them.
I admit most of the ingredients listed on the tutorial looked like they weren't going to be readily available in the UK - and if they were, would probably cost more than I was prepared to pay (especially for a 'trial run'). But figured I could probably make do with the contents of the kids sweetie box for most of it. The big problem was the 'peanut butter candy melts', I discovered I could source some via eBay, but then yesterday at my local supermarket I spotted a little (100g) bag of "Silver Spoon Create: Orange Flavour Buttons" and rushed home to experiment.
I wasn't originally intending on attempting a Mr Potato Head straight off the bat. My original plan was to test out the process of melting the 'flavour buttons' and application tecniques ... but, I've always raced ahead of myself and before the buttons had melted I was raiding the sweetie box for potential 'body parts' :D
I had a little left over black sugar paste, so used this for his hat and moustache, blue smarties for feet, white chocolate chips with a chocolate sprinkle for eyes, pink chocolate beans for ears and a chopped up tooty frooities for the nose and mouth and cut up lolly sticks for arms.
Not a patch on Bakerella's but not bad for a first attempt, I shall keep practising!

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