Monday, 12 March 2012

Preview: My Heirloom Bouquet

As we're almost at the 100 days mark towards the wedding, I thought I'd post a preview of one of the many bridal projects I have on the go. Normally I prefer to only post completed projects, but just this once a little sneak peek can't hurt ;)

I've decided to shun the traditional floral bouquet, because it seems a lot of money for something you are just going to throw away and ... well, after seeing Heirloom Bouquets in a wedding magazine I just had to have one. Once complete I'll post some photos and the tutorial I've been using, but for anyone who hasn't heard of these fab items's here's a handy link, perfect for magpies like me.

Here is part of my the collection of 'heirlooms' so far, some are already wired up ready for use, and now I've finally located my gluegun progress should be a bit more rapid.

I've had great finds at carboots, charity shops, ebay and very generous friends and family.

 Itching to get going with the glue gun, can't wait to post the finished item.


  1. Have you completed this yet? I'm making one for my niece and I have gone round and round with ideas. Finally deciding on a solid plan.

  2. I'm almost there (wedding is in 10 days) it's all wired up, the stems are all together and I've felted the hand hold - just got to do the ribbon around the handel. Aimming to get the update online the week of the 10th. Had a bit of a crisis last week when Mr S broke it - not his fault but I do advise you don't 'squeeze and twist' if you are using the stems method.

    Good luck with it, I've found it both excting and stressful. You'll have to post a link to the finished bouquet. R.