Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Red Nose Day 2013 :) A quick way to make a design into a t-shirt...

J's nursery where having a 'wear red and donate £1' day for Comic Relief day and he wanted to dress up. He didn't like the official t-shirts at Tkmaxx but loved the red noses (we ended up with one of each nose, two plush toys and several pez dispensers.)
If you want to recreate an image onto a t-shirt here is a rough guide of what I did. Do beware of using images that are copyright, and keep in mind that felt does not wash or wear well in the long run, so for projects that need to last perhaps use fabric and overlock or hem the edges.

First I took an image of the item I wanted to replicate (in this case a red nose day nose), and enlarged in back and white. I cut out the pieces I wanted to use (eyes and mouth) and let the t-shirt colour do most of the work as the 'face'/background. In the case of the mouth, to get the position of each tooth correct; I cut a complete mouth, labeled each tooth, photocopied it and then cut each tooth out individual. Each paper template was then pinned to the appropriate coloured felt and cut out.
Each tooth was laid out on the black mouth I added a tiny bit of fabric glue on the back of each tooth and the dots on the eyes to keep them in place, left the item to dry and then hand stitched all the small pieces in place. The big pieces were then arranged on the T-shirt to get the positioning right, and then machine sewn into place. I used the setting that is normally used for button holes to get a tight stitch, but a
Or if you're in a real hurry you could always try hemming web or fabric glue to adhere your design to your project.
The kids loved the t-shirts (I made one for Miss L too) and had a great red nose day!

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