Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Boys will be boys: Simple printable target

At the shop today, after much debating my Son finally picked a magazine: Spiderman - and came with one of those freebie plastic guns that fire styrofoam 'darts'. The second we got home he tore it open and with some help loading was firing it all around the house -followed by missing darts, tears and long conversations on the subject of why you mustn't fire these things at people, cats and decorative objects.

Following this mornings potty training sheet, I fired up my laptop and whipped up a quick 'target' for Josh to practice on. I printed it out and used magnets to hold it up.

He loved it, having seen the Archery during the Olympics he understood the concept and happily fired away - its not overly accurate but its helping to get him to aim the gun in a safe direction and stop it being pointed at eyes etc.

This is really basic download but you are more than welcome to use it yourself. I've left a gap for your child's name and for older children you could write your numbers in the rings for scoring and maths skills. You can use it with any 'firing' mechanism, you can even select a smaller print size to use with q-tip bows, or larger for garden use. To use with 'sucker' type darts and arrows perhaps try laminating or sticking beneath a sheet of clear perspex.

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