Monday, 16 March 2015

Explosive props: how to make your own fake TNT style dynamite prop

For anyone planning a Wild-west / Frontier party or looking for props for a play or production here is a guide on how to make it quickly and for very little cost.

Apologies in advance for the grainy images, it was quite late at night and needed these by morning ;)

What you will need:
Empty kitchen rolls
Red card
Black twine, rope or wool
Double sided tape
Black duct tape
Black ink pad
Lettering stamps
'Black soot' Distress Ink & applicator

1. Cut your string to required length and use a little tape to fix one end inside each tube.

2. Draw around the other end of the tube, and cut around it leaving a large border. Make snips into the boarder from the edge - but do not cut into the central circle. You will need 2 of these per tube.


 3. Fold the sniped 'tabs' inward around the circle line. Poke a hole in one of each pair (I used a sharp pencil with a piece of blue tac behind the card).

4. Take one of your tubes and thread the string through the hole you have made. Hold the card taught over the end of the tube and stick down the taps (use double sided or regular sticky tape). Repeat with the non holed end.

5. Measure and cut red card to cover the tube, allowing approximately an inch overhang. Apply double sided tape to both ends (you can also do the edges time and tape permitting). Line the tube up with the end of the sheet, and roll it tightly in the card, making sure it is secure at the end. 

6. This step is entirely optional but adding some smudgey 'soot' marks really adds to the finished effect. I already had Distress Inks so I used those with an applicator to add dirt and blackened edges. Perhaps ordinary ink or paint could be sponged on in a similar way.

Here is one of the finished ends.  

7. Adding text is optional, I went with 'Dynamite' as this was the brief I was working to but TNT, ACME, or danger explosives would also work well. I used a set of stencil style clear acrylic stamps, and for speed lined them all up on one block. If you don't have stamps consider using a stencil or writing freehand text.

For a single stick of 'dynamite': Cut lengths of duct tape and split into narrow strips. Allowing about an inch gap carefully wrap one around the top and one around the base.

 For a group of 3 (or more) sticks of 'dynamite': use a little tape to bind the 'fuse' ends together. Wrap an elastic band around the tubes to hold them together, making sure the wording is showing on the outsides. Cut long lengths of duct tape and split into narrow strips. Leaving about an inch gap, carefully wrap strips around the group of tubes at both ends. Remove the elastic band.

PS- An obvious but essential point to mention: Please be responsible with these props, waving them around in public or leaving them unattended somewhere suspicious might not be a good idea, no matter how cartoony you think they look. And under no circumstances (even in jest) should you pretend these are live explosives.


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