Saturday, 10 May 2014

Frozen Party: Glass bottle favours

Firstly, my apologies I have been a blog deserter for favour of quick updates on my facebook page and completely neglected my updates. Somehow I still haven't added a party round up for the TMNT party J had back in November let alone Christmas - must try harder!

I am brought back here today because I have been planning Miss L's June birthday :) She wants the 'hot trend' of the moment: A Disney Frozen Party as a theme.

Firstly ... Do you know how hard it is just to buy snowflake related items in April/May?

The Disney store itself seems ill prepared for this sudden run away merchandising success, our local shop sells out of anything Elsa related before it even makes it to the shop floor, and anything from a certain auction site is priced high due to supply and demand. So I will be making everything from scratch in a largely bluey/white theme. The only saving grace is that we have managed to get our hands on one of the very elusive dresses, so at least I won't be needing my sewing machine this time around :)

Obviously I can't share too many party details yet as I'd hate to spoil the surprise for any of the attendees, but I can share this one: Glass bottle favors for the Party bags.

OK, so this isn't going to be some big turorial of a post, because if you know how to pour small things into glass bottles you are pretty much sorted, you just need to decide what to fill it with.

Firstly I tried, faux pearls, silver beads, glitter and tiny snowflake confetti, the idea being that the girls could use them as ornaments, and this one is certainly going on our tree this year.

I did ultimately shelve this idea for the party thou, as I was worried that some of the 3-4 year olds might accidentally ingest the contents. However this probably wouldn't be an issue for older party goers or if you included a safety tag/label.

This brought me to my next bright idea: edible contents. Here I've used Bubble gum millions - but any theme coloured tiny sweet or sherbert would do. I've added a paper punch snowflake and gem to keep it in the Frozen theme.

Other ideas that would work well might be just glitter, beads, feathers, or even make a melted snowman: (use firmo to make a tiny carrot nose, twigs and coal lumps and fill the bottle with water so they float). Good luck, and I hope this gives you yet another idea in your hunt for D.I.Y party perfection.

ps- apologies for the awful photo quality for some reason I can't photograph these in good light today!


  1. Wow!! These frozen party favors are simply awesome. Have to throw my little cousin a birthday party at one of event venues Chicago. Planning to have this frozen theme for the day. She is simply in love with princess style and will surely love this theme too.


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