Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Minnie Mouse Party

So sorry, this post appears to be 6 months late... As my son's birthday is fast approaching it occurred to me that on the bottom of the 'to be blogged' pile was my daughter's Minnie Mouse Party from back in June!
As it was the Jubilee we ended up having two parties in one weekend, and I have to admit that despite lots of early planning this one felt a little rushed, but it came together in the end and little lady had a great day. Click read more to see the full details...

As my daughter ended up having two parties (one for the Jubilee, and one with her friends) I tried to keep the cupcakes as simple as possible. I made vanilla sponge in pink cupcake cases with pink frosting twirled on the top and then added two giant Cadbury buttons for 'ears', white confetti sprinkles for polka dots and I made a simple white bow by cutting a small butterfly from rolled out regal icing and pinching it in the centre (as shown above).
The loots bags were an idea I'd seen a few variations of on Pinterest. The way I chose to make mine, was to use take a plain pink paper bag (these came in a pack of 10) then I used my circle cutter to cut 2 circles for ears (I used a 2 inch punch, but dies would also work) and stuck these onto the back of a 13.2cm (width of bag) by 8cm black card rectangle. I folded the bag top down and aligned this to the top of the fold. White dot stationary stickers were used for the polka dots and the pink bow was made using a butterfly punch. I added the names by hand with a silver metallic marker. And once filled the backs were sealed with thank you stickers I printed on Avery labels.

One of the items I included in the favour/loot bags were these cute handmade Minnie-Mouse crayons that were featured in a previous blog entry [click here for a tutorial]
Another element of this party you may recognise are the cute invites we sent out, you'll find a guide to making these in this previous blog entry.
We also made cute cone hats for the kids (circle of black paper made into a cone with ribbon, butterfly bow and circle ears). And Minnie Mouse Oreo pops (two halves of a mini Oreo wedged into the top of a double stuffed Oreo, a cakepop stick and a pink butterfly from confetti sprinkles).
If you are planning your own Minnie Mouse Party, you can see a lot of my inspiration in my Minnie-Mouse Pinterest folder, including some great ideas I didn't have time to try.

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